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Sawn timber and surfaced timber

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Our basic product range consists of cladding boards meant for both internal and external applications. We offer different profiles and are constantly increasing our range. A selection of our main profiles:

ll our cladding boards are made of high-quality pine or spruce raw material and are industrially pre-dried in a condensation dryer to preserve the timber structure and enhance its durability.

In addition to basic profiles we also take custom orders for profiles which were used some years ago (decking, window and door bars, cornices).

We offer all the well-known dimensions.

We are also able to offer these items colour coated 

Decking materials

We offer decking materials with various profiles, with brown or green treatment, with sizes
28 x 95/120/145.

In addition we offer decking material of made of larch with sizes 28 x 95/120/145. 



The need for high-quality and durable frame materials has increased in production as well as in the construction sector. Based on the market demand we can offer visually strength graded and calibrated timber material with strength classes C24 and C18.

Our main material sizes: 45×75 45×95 45×120 45×145 45×170 45×195 45×220 45×245

We are also able to offer these items pressure treated

We always have sufficient quantity of surfaced timber in stock to offer our clients uninterrupted service and delivery. To ensure the best quality we dry and pre-grade all our raw material before surfacing.